My Portfolio for Weddings contains images from a variety of weddings and is constantly updated.  It is designed to give a look into my photographic style.  I love to take outdoor weddings as I find the natural landscape and light enhances the images.

ee Portrait

Photo Sessions

My Photo Sessions are about capturing an individual, couple, family or small group of people. It may even be a photo session with a loved pet. The most important difference is people not being in a social situation. They are themselves.
I love capturing the essence of a person. Showing the connection between people and the love they share. Here are a few of the photos I have taken.

Flamenco Guitarist


Event Photography is very similar to Wedding Reception Photography. It involves a happy group of people eager to wish the event organisers well or to participate in fundraisers etc.
Capturing people as they have fun and with the guest(s) of honour is fast and furious. So many things happen; performances, speeches, dancing, talking and generally people having a fun time.
Here are just some of the events I have captured.


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