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A Photographer in Adelaide, South Australia

Garry Quilliam

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and have worked a variety of jobs. Started off as an electrician then as a technical designer of control systems, before embarking on my IT career as a System Administrator dabbling in computer programming, then proceeding onto being an IT Business Analyst chasing new contracts.

Throughout all my life I have been passionate about photography. I have taken wedding photography seriously since I helped out a couple in Leigh Creek, as there were no photographers in the town. They approached me as they knew I was a passionate photographer. Since then I decided that I would photograph weddings and events when time allowed.

Some time back I had a life changing event that changed my course in life. I no longer could take the high pressure work in the IT industry. After some long recovery time, eventually I was able to think about my pursuits in life. It didn’t take long for me to be drawn back to my passion of taking photographs of people. First photographing some events and then back to wedding photography.

Life takes you down many roads; you do not know what lies before you, all you can do is adapt and follow your passions. Hence the name, Twisted Lane as life has many interesting and varied twists. Life is not a highway, but a winding lane full of unexpected events.

If you choose me from the plethora of photographers in this day and age, you can rest assured that I will be passionate about getting the best result for your wedding, photo session or event. Life is to be enjoyed, and it is these moments that bring the most joy.

Taking the photo is only just the beginning of the process, but a very important one. Editing the photos in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop is a crucial step in making your photos shine, whether they be displayed on a wall, album or an Ultra HD screen.

Please take the time to read my reviews and look at my photographs, and if you like my style please get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you by photographing your important journey in life, along the Twisted Lane.


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Please take the time to view my photo galleries.  I look for the interesting angles and make use of the natural world around us, to bring delightful photos that highlight you.

I recently had a photo session by Twisted Lane Photography and was very happy with their services.……Garry' relaxed calm demeanour instantly put me at ease and made the session an enjoyable experience….. I highly recommend Twisted Lane Photography.

- Vanessa V.

The photos Garry took were amazing, and a great experience for us. All our friends loved our album…. We 100% recommend him.

- Greg R.

Garry is both an experienced and talented photographer….. is also personable and his friendly, patient manner helps to bring out the best in family portraits. I am happy to recommend Garry and Twisted Lane.

- Greg Q.

Gary is well known to us, and he has captured many magical moments we have shared together, or with friends. You will not be disappointed.

- Philip B.

I needed photos for my Linked In page and professional resume. I was apprehensive, as I have never had professional photos taken. Garry made me feel comfortable in no time. I am so pleased with the photos.

- Mark C.

Wow! Garry made a slideshow for Marcelo’s birthday and took the photos at the party. We were so impressed that we hired him again for Angela’s birthday. Fantastic service, as he really enhances the party mood with everyone wanting to get there picture taken.

- Marcelo & Angela B.


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