Pets have a way of worming their way into our hearts. Whether you pet by a dog, cat, bird, reptile of something completely different, we form emotional connections with them and they with us.

I have had a number of dogs in my life with the most recent being Cuji and Indi. Cuji was a Chow Chow, and Indi a chihuahua. So one was large (Cuji) and the other one was very small (Indi).

They were the best of friends, while they both were alive and looked after one another. Both were very loving and friendly dogs. Cuji had his medical issues (as Chow Chow’s do), and in later life Indi also had some issues. Despite this they always wanted to go for a walk along the Linear Park of River Torrens in Adelaide. The joy they had running and sniffing amongst the reeds was a pleasure to watch. With the same eagerness they jumped back into the car for the trip home.

Here are a couple of their photos I took at the park, which I will always treasure for the memories they bring.

and, yes! Chow Chow’s have purple/blue tongues.

Please don’t forget to take photos of your best friend, take plenty. If you want a special photo with your pet, just ring me or drop me an email, and we can discuss your options.

Thanks. Here’s to our little and not so little friends in our lives.