The thing that I most love with photography is taking Portraits. When I do a portrait shoot there is time to get to know the person you are about to photography.

Intentions of the Portrait shoot can vary hugely. It can be for a business purpose, sports or more often people who just want to look their best.

What is looking your best? To me, it is showing the real you in a photography. You will look amazing, because your personality shines through.

The magic in these images, from a photo shoot I did on the second to last day in autumn, just doesn’t happen. It is a combination of my skill as a photographer and the connection between the person being photographed and myself at that time. My utmost priority is that the person is feeling comfortable and enjoys the photo session. This shows through in the photographs. After all it is not about me, it is all about YOU being photographed.

This portrait session of Vee, was wonderful. I hope you agree.