Couple with Umbrella in Rain

I love taking wedding shots. The couple are at their happiest and the joy of the moment shines in the faces of all present. But what I specifically like is the time I spend with the couple to take their “posed” shots. This is the moment the couple and I can get their “posed” shots to look natural.

The photo shown just didn’t happen. Suddenly the heavens opened, and rain fell heavily. Quickly we scurried to find an umbrella, then as the rains eased, I had an idea to show in a slightly humorous way, the events that had just occurred. The couple played along brilliantly. The wedding arbor shows in the top right giving context combined with the bleak atmospheric conditions, which contrasts with the brightness of the flowers and their humorous attitude. I love this shot so “Natural” yet so quickly setup.

This is the art of photography. Making the “constructed” look as though it just happened.

Many couples say to me – I just want natural photographs. Upon further questioning, I find that they actually want photos that are impossible to take as events happen. What they actually “want” are natural looking photos. This takes time and planning.

Fortunately this happens behind the scenes, as I examine the location beforehand, and start planning the shots. I always try to do a couple session beforehand so the couple can get the idea of feeling relaxed and used to poses that look “natural”. They also get used to me, trusting me that I actually know what looks best for them.

So when we all get to the wedding shots, the planning and trust combines, into an efficient and reasonable quick and painless exercise. Actually we will have fun doing these shots, and you will arrive at your reception happy, relaxed and eager to start partying.

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