My parents become unwell and needed to go into full-time care. My sister and I went through their stuff gathered for years and years of life and seeing I was the “photographer” I was awarded the task of shifting through their photos.

Even though they had many many photos, they had not sorted any special photos. I had to wade through the many photos to find the priceless “gems”. The ones that we were emotional connected with; ones that brought back the memories of fond times. Times where we had fun, shared grief, celebrated and enjoyed each other’s company.

My Family Album

A book/album has now been created, complete with the family tree and other interesting information of the family, a book to be treasured by future generations.

In my parents day they had actual photos, these days since the year 2000, digital photos have taken over. These are easier to go through than physical photos. There is one problem with digital photos – most people never back up their device. Once their device is gone or fails, that is the end of their memories.

If you have a photo session with us and only take the digital version, your can lose that as well.

How do you prevent this from happening? One method is to create a hard copy that does not rely on digital technology that always changes. You can print individual photos of the ones that have special significance, or create a photo book or album, as I did.

By creating a photo book from some of these photos, photos will be seen to have value, because it is printed.

It shows your love of life, your family, your friends, you passions – it forms the essence of you. The photo book will be cherished for not only this generation but for generations to come.