A woman initially created her own photo book from a collection of old photos her family found laying around. They were fortunate that the photos were not thrown out.

Old Photos published in a Photo Book

(Excerpts from the Photo Book)

The album consisted of old black and white photos and a few colour and sepia photos. She was disappointed with her efforts and the quality of the photo book. She realised that a lot of work needed to be done on the photos themselves and she also needed a lot of help on the layout.

She asked a client of mine if there was anyone who they know could help. They referred her to me, and was given the job.

I edited the photos so the black and white photos were consistent in look, the colour images were corrected for colour tint, scratches were removed, photos were sharpened, objects were removed that were distracting and the pages were laid using text and backgrounds to enhance the photos that told the story.

My cost was indeed a whole lot more than the cheap photo book that she produced, but now the photos are a pleasure to view in an album. Instead of the photos quality getting in way of the memories, and in unordered jumble of photos; now the photos now tell a story which is of great interest to anyone who views the album.

They have a truly magnificent treasure for the whole family to enjoy. Something to pass through generations. The cost of the photo book is insignificant to its value.

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