A number of customers have asked me to produce a movie slideshow for major birthday parties.

They provide the pictures and/or movie content. Photos can be in analog form, which can be scanned by me.

These movies have a real fun element to them ending with a heart warming tribute. I love making these type of movies, as I see my customers so happy with the realist as all their past memories come alive. It is usually the spouse that requests my service, surprising their loved partner with the presentation.

The movie can be shown by me attending the event or given on a USB stick. I find that to avoid disappointment the equipment that it will be shown on is tested before the event.

As I was an IT professional, I am fully versed on the display of such digital media and will be able to get it to work or find a solution.

Prices start from $700 which includes scanning. If no scanning of images is required the the price starts at $400. I’m sorry that I can’t give a definitive price but it varies so much on customer requirements.