This is probably the greatest concern of people having photos taken. It is best answered by “whatever you want”. The clothes reflect the images that you are after. If you want to get dressed up, by all means do that; if you want to wear casual clothes, do it. Dress how you feel comfortable, and the mood the you wish to convey. In other words, be yourself.

For example;

  • you are a couple that love working out and most of the time you are out running, at the gym etc – wear sports clothes, I’ll take shots of you running together through a forest, on a beach etc.
  • you are an individual that loves working out and running.  As above I’ll take shots of you running, doing some sport related activity and resting after a hard workout.
  • you are a couple that are into the coffee shop scene. Dress as you would at the local coffee shop. I’ll take photos of you interacting with each other over a coffee.
  • you are a couple that loves nature and picnics. Dress as you would normally and I’ll take photos of you enjoying a lovely picnic (remember to bring a picnic lunch – don’t forget to add an extra serve for me :))
  • you are an individual or couple that prefers to have a portrait session away from the public, I’ll take the shots at you home.  You can then have a change of clothes if you are not certain what outfit is the best.