I have been busy taking your shots, as family and friends congratulate your union. At this point everyone is in high spirits, and eager to get on with the celebrations. But wait, I need to get that group shot of all the guests and smaller groups of family and friends.

So before they move on, I need someone (or two people) who can help identify and organise family and friends.

The organiser has these two jobs.

Job 1

I always take a group shot , as everyone loves it.

I usually get the wedding celebrant to announce that there will be a group shot shortly after the ceremony and ask people stay in the area (but sometimes they may forget).

The delegated person will keep an eye out for people that leave the area and usher them into the right direction, in a flattering way; “Jack and Jill would be really disappointed if you’re not in the photo”.

Job 2

Unfortunately, I don’t know your family or friends. So, I’ll have a list prepared by you. (Please consult the folks to check it over.)

On the wedding day, I will follow that list to take family photos straight after the group shot. You may want to add some friends in that list as well. I’ll give you a help list, to make it easier with your preparations.

The delegated person will help get the right people ready for each group photo. You may wish to get a second person to help with your friends.

Then we can all relax that no-one has been missed, and I can get those extra special shots of you and the wedding party.