Guys.. if you are hiring suits, make sure you try them on after you have picked them up.

You could have the wrong suits!

Mistakes happen!

Certain guys may have widened in the girth (not the groom, but those other guys).

Reduce your stress on the day and try well in advance of the ceremony.

Guys, You Have the Suit. What About the Tie!

Guys do you know how to tie a TIE! Maybe you have got out of practice!

Psst! Check out how to do the Windsor knot here to learn or remind yourself.

Or check out my instructions.

Everyone will be impressed, especially your lady.

Guys – Shoes!

Nice clean shoes. Enough said.

Make sure that all groomsmen have matching shoe colour and style (no gumboots unless you all wear gumboots – if that’s your thing).